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Submitted on
December 24, 2012
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~The Beginning~

Ch. 1

War. A distasteful syllable, a curse even. War brings death. War breaks hearts. This is a story about war. If you cannot handle reading about death or heartbreak, turn away now because there's no going back......

The night was quiet. Not a soul moved about. No sound of light hooves on the pavement, no silly foal's play in the street. None. But alas, there was one movement. The sound of gunfire, soldiers screaming, yes. The sounds of exploding bombs and the repetitive sound of machine gunfire spread itself across Equestria. Will this war end? What will come of us? These were the thoughts and sounds heard by a filly looking out her window. Her mane was messy, her glasses upon her snout and her eyes wide with worry. She continues to stare from her window, at the fires, the screaming, the gunfire. Quiet Lightning, the young filly's name, began to think. What if she helped in this war? What if her contribution was important? Will she be able to defeat P.A.R.F along her fellow ponies? Quiet Lightning arose from her place on the window ledge, grabbed a saddlebag, and left, without a sound. The filly began to gallop down the road, when she found herself being stopped by the most very familiar of the soldiers, Imperial. "What are you doing out!?" The enraged Imperial asked the cowering Quiet Lightning."I-I w-was just t-tryin' to-" Imperial interrupted,"It is much too dangerous for a filly to be roaming the streets during a war! Go back home, NOW!" Quiet Lightning nodded, and ran the complete opposite way of home. She finds herself stumbling upon a railroad, which she knew would lead her to a camp. Quiet Lightning hid herself in the bushes, waiting for a train to arrive. Suddenly, she heard the hideous cackle of the retched Doom Keiser. Her heart stopped. Movement was not an option. Doom Keiser was right in front of the bush she was hiding in. If she as much moved a muscle, she knew her life would be taken immediately. What will come of Quiet Lightning? Will she meet the terrible fate Doom Keiser would give her if he finds her?

~Find out next chapter~

~The Beginning~by Peculiar-Pegasus

Literature / Characters & Settings / Sci-Fi & Fantasy / Settings©2012-2014 Peculiar-Pegasus
A story I am writing about the war with P.A.R.F. (belongs to :iconimp344: ) but I'm using my own characters!

Now if :iconimp344: let's me continue on, even though the war against P.A.R.F. belongs to him, you will see more chapters!!!

P.A.R.F: :iconimp344:

Doom Keiser: :iconimp344:

Imperial: :iconimp344:

Quiet Lightning: Me c:

Story: Me c:
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